Source to purchase original paint R124CU

Good Morning,

so now after solving most technical issues with the bike, and it running quite good(still not perfect but OK), I have encountered an issue which is kind of getting to me…
I wanted to order the original paint as a touch up kit, or a spraycan for that matter, and lo…this color code seems to now be a normal single tone red, (ask me how I know :slight_smile: ) …it means that i cant get the original paint in Germany…I have searched all over, and till now did not find it… could you guys direct me to a shop in the UK which would produce this color and ship to Germany as it really needs to be touched up in some areas…


Stevebike paint vf

hold that thought, I believe I just found a company that makes this; this is the color right?

R-124C-U Candy Alamoana Red U



R.H. Lacke – Motorradlacke is doing Honda paint.