Spark plugs?

Hey guys
I decided to put new plugs in the old 84’ VF1000F and came across something that is bothering me.
DPR8EA-9 resistor plug is what the manual calls for but I also took apart a plug wire and noticed that there is a resistor in the plug boot… With the resistor in the boot wouldn’t it make sense to run D8EA plugs? From what I always understood was you can run the resistor in the plug OR in the boot but not BOTH… Anyone try running these plugs instead?
Reason I wanna change the plugs is she seems to be running a little rich and spitting fuel out the exhaust… Haven’t changed any carb settings so I’m guessing it’s not completely igniting…

Anyone? A non resistor plug would give it more spark… And since there is a resistor in the spark plug cap there shouldn’t be any damage to the CDI box and no EMI…

seem to run both with no problem
but I replaced all my caps with NGK new ones and standard plugs from NGK
I will pose the question to my brother whose a Teacher in Topeka Kansas

Will get back soon

We run NGKs iridium plugs DPR8EIX-9 which give easy starting great throttle response and seem to solve the problem you have described.They are not cheap but outlast the normal plugs X3 no problem

My brother the teacher in Topeka Kansas says
Only there for radio suppression nothing else

there you have it boys and girls (got to be careful with me words these days ) :slight_smile: