Speedo face colour?

Q for you UK people: what colour are the markings on your speedos: red or yellow?
My Aus delivered VFs are both yellow faced. (km)
So, are the mile units red, and km yellow?

1984 VF100FE

Hope this help


FE or 84 model is red the FF or 85 model is yellow

Mine is orange like the pic , not red or yellow???
am I colour blind ?

The answer is both.

My first UK spec VF in '87 had red dials.

For my current one I bought a yellow UK spec dial set to convert it to UK spec from Australian spec.

Hope this helps.

1984 fe’s all had red dials from new, all the 1985 and later ff and f2f all had yellow dials…
All R models had red dials

The speedo face colours matched the switch gear

Thanks all, looks like I`ll just see what turns up on the web, after a new speedo as I think I have got 2 faulty units? May try to see what advice people give regarding speedo faults in a new post.
Thanks greg

My FF that I bought new in '87 had red dials and switch gear.

I’ve still got the yellow dial Oz spec speedo that came off mine if you want it, Greg?