Spring is nearly here

The FE is coming out of hibernation in a couple of weeks [:D] Going to make some changes to the front suspension - can’t wait!!

Here’s a Summer pic to keep us all going. Mmmmm can taste that cold beer at the VJMC rally already…

Gorgeous PAJ…the bike !!![8D]

This time tomorrow it’ll be yesterday

Your bike is beautifull [8D]
Can you tell me if it’s the genuine paint?
We didn’t have these colors in France.

And for the bottom of the fairing, did you buy it after?


Looks superb nice today why wait[:D]

Yea, I was out this afternoon for a fast ride round the Norfolk Broads, the roads felt quite grippy and with my fresh fork juice in and brake seals etc sorted I actually felt some feedback from the front end - unusual experience on an old Honda let alone a VF !!
Still she was rolling on and off throttle past traffic in classy fashion.
Love it – whole summer to look forward to, this has got to be the best time of year !!

VF1000FE & ZX7R