Squires anyone?


Well the sunshine certainly fetched the bikers out today, squires was a little busier than usual being a bank holiday, fortunately we managed to get all 5 vf’s parked together, was good to meet up with phil, roger, evansive and paul and his mate on the guzzi, who made the epic journey all the way from Norwich,
nice work chap’s.


Hi to Pete, Phil. Roger and evansive. It was nice to meet you all at last and I was impressed with your bikes especially when you understand all the hard work that as gone in to them you will be glad to know that my ratty old vf barn find done the 332 mile round trip without missing a beat and I was well impressed with the handling and the torque from the engine. And it was nice to know that all you northerners are very friendly chaps, will have to leave Norfolk more often. So I now have some enthusiasm back at last to try and concentrate on the ff rebuild. so take care guys and would love to see the photos at some point roger.


Seems you too had a nice meeting :smiley:


The only pic I got, great to see you all, sorry I had to rush off. Look forward to doing something again…


Good to meet you all, heres some more pictures…


well done chap’s, glad someone remembered to do a few pics, ;D