Squires anyone?

Me and Pete have been talking about a run to Squires in Sherburn over the Easter W/E, only day that I can’t make it would be the Saturday.

Any takers?

Pete, your thoughts?

yep, Saturday the 4th of April sounds good to me… got a few little jobs to do on the fe… mmmm, come to think of it ???, ive been that busy with the project bike i haven’t had the the fe fired up in month’s…

Plan for this afternoon, put the fuel tank and battery back where it belongs, on the fe, and get it started up :o

Monday sounds good to me, am at an old friends b/day Sat and Sun.

Ok i know…i can’t read… Any day is good for me.

Lol Pete, Monday is good for me too.

Monday it is then… :slight_smile:

Out on VF today, on the way home started an annoying misfire. Tested the coils, front coil goosed, misfire on pot 4 only. Weird. New coil purchased from flea bay, so all will be good.

What time on Easter Monday?

anytime suits me… 2.30 in afternoon ish ?

Ok, suits me 8)

Cant you bring it down to a more civilised latitude chaps ? The North Yorkshire air is too thin for us southern nancy’s. ;D ;D ;D ;D

hi martin,

the air in yorkshire isn’t too thin, its just not full of smoke like southern air ;D… in all honesty i only have the afternoon to play with so i cant head out too far this time,
We will have to arrange a trip down south, so all us country bumpkins can see how the other half live. 8)

How will you transport your whippets and pigeons ?

I have a cabbage box that i can bungee to the tank for twippet tant ferrets ;D ;D

tut tut tut martin,

the pigeons fly behind the vf, and like all good yorkshire men i keep my ferrets down my trousers

All being well, i intend to be at Squires on Monday 2.30 ish… see y’all there…

Hi Everyone it looks like I will have my slightly ratty fe on the road next week so will give it the 160 mile blast to squires with my mate and his guzzi and hope it makes it if not will have AA cover, will be there about 12 ish weather permitting

nice one paul.

I’ll be there, 2.30 :wink:

After being out again today i think i may have a pulser coil prob, may have to come down to squires on alt bike…we will see. Still got 22 hours :slight_smile:

ahhh, evansive, welcome to the world of vf, just when you think your winning they just kick you in the nuts,
At the back end of last year mine had developed a intermittent knocking noise which coincided with a large portion of clutch drag, thinking that both were related and that it was nothing too serious i left it till now to sort out (big mistake) on inspected the clutch i couldn’t find anything wrong and the noise seems to have got worse… so ive spent two very long days in the garage servicing the bike.
changed oil, filter and the ENGINE… i kid you not… you couldn’t make it up :o :o.
So back up and running now, just need to adjust the pilot screws as the rev’s arn’t falling fast enough between gear changes.
looking forward to squires tomorrow, hope you manage to get your vf sorted.