Stafford classic bike show 2019

What day are people planning to go to Stafford this year, sat 19th or Sunday 20th?


Either will do me gary, saturday is the better day though, not nearly as packed, and all the bargains haven’t been picked through.

Will need to book a night off as I’m working Friday and Saturday night, but as long as I leave by 3 I should make it back for the Saturday night shift. Will see what I can do and let you know.

Hi chaps, either but sunday better for me, saturday ok but will also have to leave a bit early.

Evening chaps. At the moment I can do either but Saturday would be better for me.

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If Bill going down I’ll try and make saturday

Sent off for mine and Phil’s advanced tickets, so no queuing at the turn Stiles, so are we saying saturday, and meet at the wall of death.

Sounds good to me, I’ve got my ticket. Noticed that advance ticket holders get in earlier than people getting tickets on the day. What time are you thinking of Pete?

I’m thinking 9.00

Gates open at 9 for ticket holders so will get there a bit before and see you at wall of death as soon as I get in.

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Righto chaps, Ticket ordered. See you soon!

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I have printed off some of the off set funnels in rubber instead of hard plastic so won’t break, if anybody wants one let me know and I’ll bring them with me.

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If u have a spare 1 ill have it Gary. Hope to be there on saturday

No problem mate will put one in the car for you, hopefully see you Saturday.

Thanks Gary. In stafford for night found cheap accom. Would be perfect for an August meet. Pub across the road weh good food.

Evening Chaps ~ unfortunately I have had a late call to make a trip over this weekend to unwell aging parents down south ~ and so won’t be able to get to the show at all! Really miffed as had really been looking forward to this one as not been before.

To slightly console myself I’ve been rebuilding my forks in the garage tonight to try and get my VF another step toward getting it back on the road.

Enjoy the show chaps we’ll have to meet up another day.



Sorry to hear that dave, will catch up another time, good luck with the forks :+1:

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Thanks Pete

Missing the show turned out to be the right call for me as we had some bad news and I needed to assist.

On the VF front ~ I now have the new forks on the bike but other snags keep appearing which is slowing things down. I’d like to think it will be done by the weekend but we’ll see. Fingers crossed.


Thanks lads bike show was good. Never seen anything I want but did get a few useful as to how fix my fuel gauge and fit grills in bottom fairing. Was good to see u all again. Thanks again.