Stafford show Apr 25/ 26th 2015

Stafford show Apr 25/ 26th, I will be having a ride over there on one of the days, is anyone else thinking of going ?

Hi Pete, I’ll go on Sat the 25th if you like ? We can chat about the French trip then ?


Yes Pete,

Looking at going on the sat too, so should tie in. We’ll be down about 11.

very good chap’s,

yes martin, france will only be a month after stafford, so a good time to have a chat about it.

Pete, can you remind me please about the history behind this forums involvement in this show ? Weren’t we trying to get a stand for this some time back, but were put off ? It would be a good idea to try and pursue this if possible, it would be great to have an area showing the various VF models ( wouldn’t necessarily have to be 1000’s only )


hi martin,

yes, bif was pursuing the idea on behalf of the forum members, unfortunately the show was fully booked up for April, we are on a waiting list with about a dozen or so other clubs in front of us. it wont happen this April, but will at some point or another, there was certainly enough interest to keep the idea afloat…

But for now we are just going to have to settle for showing our bikes in the car park ;D

There is a previous string on the subject but I will be there on the Saturday and be happy to discuss any and all alternatives to promote our chosen rides.
Regards Bif

Thanks Biff. Hope to see you there.
On a (perhaps) more sensitive subject, have we thought or discussed the idea of opening up the site to “VF’s” in general rather than just 1000cc ? As we know, that is what the French forum is and might bring us more activity on the site. What are peoples thoughts ? Biff, did you set the site up ?


I’d be open to this as i own one of each capacity of the VFs.
Would suit me fine!

Failed already on this one already, will be away…

If anyone is getting out to squires, I’d be up for a photo op. :stuck_out_tongue:

hi evansive,

sending you a pm about squires.

Stafford show then this saturday, i will be heading down there for about 9.00ish,

See you there Pete. I’ll have my big rucksack for carrying home all my swag. I’ve taxed and MOT’d the good old FF so we’re on our starting blocks.


I’ll be there early,bringing the pickup in case there are some larger bargains needing hauled back over the border.
Aiming for 9.00am and a big breakfast on the way in.

Do we have a meeting point and time?I only have a contact number for Pete,not sure if he still has mine
Regards Bif

hi bif,

i cant seem to find your number at the moment, ive sent you a pm with mine, if you send me a quick text tonight/tomorrow i will save yours to my phone,

im planing on being there at 9.00 or just before, do you want to meet up before we go in ?

anybody else who is planning on heading down and meeting up, if you send me a pm tonight ill send you my moby number…

had a good day at the stafford show today, there wasn’t much vf stuff there other than a red Bol we spotted in the car park… Martin and Bif were as usual good company, I all ways feel like i know more about bikes and vf’s when i leave than i did when i arrived “priceless”, hope you both made it home ok, I got rained on for the last 10 miles or so :frowning:
Thanks for the complimentary ticket martin>
Bif, cheers for the gear selector rod, and don’t forget to invite the English over the border to sample some of that scotish hospitality.

cheers chaps

Back safe and sound after a stop off at Carlisle to drop off some VF bits to Johnboy.
Glad the rain only got you at the very end Pete,after some of the showers we had during the day I hoped you would make it in the dry.
The show itself had nothing in the way of VF’s featured,but as marmite pointed out this has meant our chosen steeds remain under the radar and prices low.
There was one 750 for sale in the autojumble section but neither of the AMA replicas on the unusually small VJMC stand.
There was however space outside for not one but two owners clubs,a point I shall be taking up with the organisers who refused us outside space on the grounds it was against policy.
Good to meet you Martin,and I will be looking to sort dates for a trip north of the border for any interested.
No tents or insect repellant required,accommodation will be arranged and a bar held up long before the midgies get out of bed.
Great having the craic with you both anyone who didn’t make it would have enjoyed it for sure.
Regards Bif

Both Pete and Bif have captured the points I wanted to make. Great to meat Bif for the first time and that Pete managed it home after his concerns about strange noises emanating from his engine as he arrived at the show.
We almost had an AGM regarding the VF club whist chatting and there’s a feeling that some small seedling are sprouting for meet ups during the year in the UK. I’ll be posting on the “Hulme End” post about this.

Nice one chaps

The only other VF at the show