stafford show oct 2017

anyone going to the stafford show 14th/15th october,

As you know Pete I’ll be there so we’ll catch up then. For those who’ve not been before this is one of the biggest motorcycle autojumbles in the world and well worth a visit even if you’re not after anything.

Im actually off that weekend so would love to meet some other vf enthusiasts, will check with her indoors but cant see any problems.


I’m good for Saturday,booked hotel for Friday and Saturday night.
Look forward to seeing all who can make it
Regards Bif

Hi Gary, if you can make it then pm me and I can give you my mobile number. That way we can all meet up for a coffee and a chat ?

On nights friday till 6am but will try to book it off when I go in tonight, will let you know.


yep, saturday is good for me…

Booked friday night off so will see you there Saturday. Will pm you my number marmite.

hi all,
myself and philjo will be getting to the show for about 9.00ish, marmite is manning the cx500 stand so will be otherwise engaged till around mid morning/ lunch time,
bif, gary, have you any plans,

I’m looking to be there for 9.00 after which my diary is clear for the day.
Happy to meet up at the first place that makes a decent brew or the favourite,
wall of death.
I’ll phone once I’m in,see you there
Regards Bif

ok bif,
the wall of death… then find a brew lol

Should be there about 9, meeting up with my old racing club at some time during day but no firm plans, a bacon butty and cup of tea will be first priority! May have to drive as bike acting up, only running on 3 cylinders this morning feels like petrol starvation to me, will take carbs off and clean tomorrow. Paper filter full of crap so might have got through to carbs, thought I had cleaned tank out but obviously not! Will head towards wall of death once food is purchased.