Stafford show

I’m heading down to Stafford for the day on Saturday 18th,
is there anyone else planning to be there?
Always happy to meet anyone with an interest in these old beasts.
Regards Bif

hi bif,
yes i’m planning on going down on the saturday, ive not been to the stafford show before, if the weather is fine i will be on the bike, if its pee’ing it down i will prob be in car,
i’ll P.m you my number later when i get home from work.

well that’s another “must do” crossed off the “things to do before your 90 list” , that must be one of the biggest shows going, arrived there around 11.00 and left at 5.00 and still didn’t see everything :o
will have to get there earlier next year… bif, it was good to catch up… and i suppose it will be my turn for the tea’s next time ;D

I was giving it some thought on the way home Pete,
There are small clubs like the XS100 owners who had 3 very well used bikes on their stand.
We could do that.
The best bit for me was meeting up with another owner who is hands on enthusiastic and brimming with ideas.
There were only 3 VF’s on display,2 very well finished 750 AMA replica’s on the VJMC stand and a brand new US spec R.
The R is for sale yours for £12,000.
How many other VF owners were there? Who knows,without a focal point to attract them we may never find out.
You hit the nail on the head Pete,when you said about being at squires or the like and people saying “Oh a VF,I’ve one of those at the back of the shed”
I think having a stand would be a hoot,once all the chocolate cam talk is out of the way anyway,plus give a platform for forum members to display things like wheel,brake and suspension mods.aftermarket parts like the fairing lowers that Philjo has produced plus services we could develop Windysolar with carb cleaning for example.
There is another show due in April so if there is enough support for the idea,ie another 3 or 4 members with bikes bits pictures or ideas to share I will look at getting us a pitch for the weekend and see what we get for our money.
Great to meet in person Pete I don’t know where the time went they were closing up and we thought it was only 3 o’clock.time flys and all that Bif

excellent idea bif, you can count me in on that, i feel my project FF/FE deadline being brought forward somewhat, although if its not ready i still have my original fe which still looks ok with a bit of spit and polish, and covered the 200 mile round trip to stafford with no problems.(these days i actually set off and assume im going to get there :o)

P.S, bif ive sent you a pm about the handle bars and master cylinders if you have them, no rush, just mentioning it as i never know if the Pm’s have gone through ok.


If I’m fit enough, and I do not work,I may fancy a trip to the Stafford show in april with the VF1000FG or the R. Oh,by the way,one of our club mates snapped a pristine V65 for the princely sum of €850 with a full sevice history,Givi paniers and fly screen and 30 000 miles on the clock. I’m horribly jealous…

hi fred, you will be more than welcome… fred… you have far too many vf’s already, you cant buy them all :slight_smile:

I’ll be there this time, I could have kicked myself for not going.
Hopefully, if I motivate myself better, I might have the single seat conversion finished fitted as well :wink:

Your bike looks well ,I have followed the transition from blue to black and now what I think shows the FE off to its best HRC racing colours.
Got a quote from dream machine to do my FE in those colours but with a pearl white-looked fab on the 750 AMA replicas-of £960.
I think your talents are wasted my friend.
Regards Bif

Very nice Phil, the best colour combo too!

You can have some oil kits for the club stand if it happens,I have some here still.I have sold all my VF’s now though.Even the 500’s have gone last week,Kept the Harley,CBR1000F and the CX650 Euro.Dont mind manning the stand if you need helpers.

PAJ has confirmed he will make the trip from Germany and if Crooky is on board too I think it’s a must.
Now it’s time to do some digging and price this up
Regards Bif

The news is not good I’m afraid,
I was able to speak to Glynis Roberts today who has explained a few things for me.
We would be attending as a club,space for clubs is limited and is fully booked on a repeat basis by those who attended last year.
There is a cancelation list,which we are on but we are 13th on the list.
So far there is one cancelled place available.
As a long shot I asked about an outside pitch.
Clubs are all inside,as previously outside club pitches turned into campsites for the members weekend away.
Newark which is tomorrow is likewise booked solid,but new venues are being considered and we have asked to be included in the club list of any future shows.
This is a major disappointment but perhaps I was a little naive to think it was as simple as phoning up and getting a place.
So apologies to all,but the idea has had enough interest to keep it alive,it won’t be Stafford this April but it will happen
Best regards to all Bif

yes that is bad news bif, i will probably still have a ride over there weather permitting…