Stainless brake lines

Hi Guys,

I have a set of brand new never used Melvin stainless braided lines in black, with black banjo bolt heads for sale. These lines are for the front of the bike only and designed to fit a VF1000F2 Bol Dor. Cost £80 from Wemoto about 2 weeks ago, I had ordered another set separately from another company as I needed them quicker and as such these are surplus to requirements. As they were custom made for me I can’t return them. there are maybe a few tiny marks on the metal underneath the banjo heads if I’m being 100% honest, as I test fitted them to see which ones I preferred after they arrived. These have adjustable heads to angle the banjo bolt to the way it should sit.

£60 ovno if there are any takers.

Thanks [:D]

Where are you in relation to glostershire.[?][?][?][?][?]


Hi Andy,

Very far I’m afraid. I’m just outside Edinburgh!

I could post them however. I would be willing to take pictures as well, send me your email address and I’ll get some pics sent over if you’re interested.




Pics on the way



Still available if anyone wants them

Did ask what postage to gl156np would be.

I said in the email I sent you with the pictures that I’d ship for free if the £60 was met. It’s a standard parcel so I’d guess it’ll cost about a fiver.

cheers :slight_smile:

Must have missed it do you have paypal if not any sugestions on payment please. [:D]

I do indeed have paypal, I’m away on holiday as of Monday, but will be back on Saturday next week if you don’t mind waiting for me to post them? or alternatively you can pay me when I get back. My paypal email is


Payment sent[8D][:D]

Hi, I’m back from hols and I’ve just checked my paypal account, but theres no money in it. can you confirm the address you sent it to?



still up for grabs if anybody wants them

Yes money sent at least a week ago via paypal

Sent to

Paypal overview says pending your collection Regards Andy

Hi Andy,

still not showing, I’ve asked paypal and they say it’s quicker for me to invoice you. Is this OK? what email address should I send it to?



Will wait for paypal to return payment not collected before sending any more if thats ok.

No bother! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why it isn’t showing. I’ve checked every menu and my spam folders etc. no sign of it anywhere. the lines are yours, I’ll consider them sold and hold them til you can send the payment.



Hi Andy, do you still want these? I can email over an invoice if you do.



these are still available guys! open to offers.