stainless collecter box

Hi there is any one still making the stainless collector boxes as mine is not looking so good

regards paul

Ecko, near Strasbourg makes some in France but at a price… :’(

Hi vf Pete what happened to the ones that were being sorted in Milton Keynes direction and does any one know what the gent in France charges for the collector box

Hi Paul,
It cost from 580€ to 760€ +P&P. It’s quite expensive,but he offers a choice between 4 into 2 and 4 into one with exaust on one side or on the other.

cheers pete will pm him

Not very long ago I found a complete box on eBay
will look for it again

cheers for that much appreciated


Hi Paul,
You may be able to find the parts you need at Ecko. Here is one of his adverts for VF parts:

Hi vf1000.24 have sent you a pm hope you can help me out

regards paul

I have a stainless collector box left over.£150 if you want it,its the last one i have.Emai to or call me on 07872936436