stainless collector

Thanks to a car write off I now have money to spend on the VF s and want a good exhaust system.
ALSO LOOKING for new forks as mine are a bit pitted and leak.
Does anyone have a fabricator in mind for the exhaust…
ALSO one of the VF s needs the starter sorting…

Forks are rediculously expensive (£115-145 per leg,aftermarket/original)
I had mine rechromed by a company in Mansefield try
They charged £150 for the pair including return postage.
OS pipes still have the jig for the collector they built for Crooky and want £240 for one
They don’t hold stock and will only build to order with money up front.
A few members have used the Caltic starter sold in the US for the VF750
This is a stronger unit having four brushes rather than two a la VF1000.
These are under £60 delivered but the terminal bolt is to the rear of the starter and may foul the oil pipes on the BolDor.
It looks possible to loosen the end caps and rotate the body and terminal bolt down to give some clearance though.
Regards Bif

OS Stainless were a real pain to deal with for me.Moaned like hell about making them when i had orders for them and made a right bodge of it so i had to return 6 out of 10 to be re-made.Said he couldnt make them for the price he quoted hence the price increase now.I would steer clear and find someone else to make them.He was swearing and cursing at me like i had made them wrong and not him.


found this at the part number for the fairing indicator socket bt are the left and right different numbers and do you know what the colour codes are by any chance ,.I really would like to get this bike properly tidy if no one wants t buy it