Standard piston rings

Teambif can now supply British made standard rings for £120.00 plus P+P for 4 sets.
Dave Silver sells them at £52 a set,one of the reasons we have been looking for an alternative supplier
Regards Bif

nice one bif, big saving for anyone rebuilding a vf engine.

Hi bif, are these still available and will they fit the R? I’m going to strip the engine to clean out all the water ways to try and cure my overheating problem and might as well address the oil consumption at the same time. Need to get F back on road to use for work first but that shouldn’t take long.


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I don’t have any left Gary but they are now available even cheaper on ebay from a seller”crusinimage” I think he’s called

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This is the item number on ebay 263387107811
I know several people who use these with no issues

I’ve bought stuff of him for my Suzuki gt750 and it’s always been good quality. Ta bif.

Piston rings arrived today, only 6 days from japan! No tax to pay and a great price, plus a note saying his prices are 10% cheaper on his website, not much for vf1000 but carb refurb kits and piston rings look great value.


Hi Garyb, do you know what the website is allied?

Hi, I got them from Ebay uk from a seller called cruisinimage he is in Japan and specialises in classic Japanese bikes. Price was very good and delivery was very fast.


CRUZINIMAGE.NET | Specialty store of motorcycle parts You can order directly from his store.

He is located in Japan. So you may have to pay tax.

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Thanks for this