Standard Ring Sets For Sale

Due to various stuff ups I have four full sets of standard rings for sale Honda Pn: 13011-MM5-640

These are all brand new and unused, I paid $290 Australian Dollars for these but will sell them for $190 AUD

These were for my VF1000F but will fit other models, let me know if you are interested.

Shit! Paid out for a full set of stock size ring sets from Dave Silvers only last month!! Oh well, hope you can shift em! There’s always ebay!

That’s bad timing, I’m not in any real hurry so I’ll leave them up here for a bit before I try Ebay.

My mate the mechanic thought this nasty ring in the rear cyl would hone out ok, so I went ahead and bought all the rings, when it came time to hone, all the other cyls came up fine except the one with the ring[:(]

So my lesson is to not do anything until you’re 100% sure its ok !!

I am with Scratcher here, but I paid to CMSNL, even more. Shit timing.