Starter clutch problem or not?

Hi guys,
after fitting cbr wheels to vf and being happy, I noticed that the starter clutch?? was slipping sometimes , that high speed spinning of the starter with the grind at the end sure seems like a starter clutch problem, Sooo I took off the side case and was ready to remove the s clutch, when I noticed that the steel dowel holding the cog in place connecting between the starter motor and the s clutch had slipped and was allowing the cog to move away from the starter motor just a tad. Not wanting to do the job twice! I refitted the dowel with the cog now straight and sealed the casing back up hoping for the best but anticipating the same result. Well I have been out and about stopping and starting many times and not a hint of starter slip!
My point is has anyone else done this? and also wondering if alot of people are changing the s clutch and inadvertently straightening out the cog thus thinking that the s clutch was the problem when it may have been what I found on mine???
Im not saying that this is all true to fact but maybe it could be something to check before fitting a s clutch for no reason.??
Just a thought for others that find them selves pushing the button and hearing a high speed drill instead of an engine turning over.