Starter motor disassembly

I’ve managed to loosen and remove the 3 long screws that secure the end caps on the body of the starter motor. I now want to remove the innards so I can refinish the case by powdercoating. There are 3 countersunk screws holding the fixed outer part inside the case. These are pretty rusted in, and so far, have not budged. Any ideas on the best way to get them out so I can separate the components from the casing without damaging the bits?

A good soaking with WD40 and then an impact driver should do it if there is enough room.

The unit is off the bike but I’m a little wary of using an impact driver in case the shock might damage the delicate internal components, but I do have it soaking in a mix of parts washer and paraffin at the moment, so I’ll see how we get on.

Cant say I have ever tried to take the coils out of the casing,but to prevent damage to either I would drill the screws out and retap the threads.Regards BIF

i’m doing this now - and my screws were also locked in. i’ve drilled them out and going to rej-tap as suggested.


If you powder coat the starter it will melt being aluminium
on my starter i Decided that I would leave the field in place and just clean it.
far too easy to damage and in my opinion not necessary in servicing the starter motor.

I fitted new brushes (Honda) and cleaned the commutator with fine emery paper then blowed it out with a airline

my ones perfect now[8D]

reuse the 3 bolts by sawing a slot in the heads.

no need to make work thats not required

Typical cure temp for powdercoating is around 200 degrees.This is well short of aluminium’s 660 degree melting point.Its common practice to coat aluminium parts and this sort of attention to detail by people like Scratcher produces results as Mick Oliver has admirably demonstrated.BIF