Starter motor issues

Ok VF gurus first of many stupid questions
I removed the plugs and lubed the bores with a mix of oil and diesel to free up the engine after it had been stood for 20 years a couple of days later I spun the engine over on the starter and cleared the bores all over my garage roof
I’ve just refitted the plugs and carbs to see if the old girl will try and fire and all I get is a click from the starter relay I’ve checked the earth and it’s all good
Any suggestions
I don’t want to spend money on a new starter until I know it runs

May be the relay, if you short the two battery terminals on top of relay with a big screwdriver or spanner it should turn the starter if not the starter is knackered or not enough charge in battery. Do you have a spare battery or jump leads from a car just so you can eliminate the battery from your list of potential problems.


I’m thinking it’s a lack of power in the battery so I’ve put it on charge overnight and gone for a beer :beers:

Now that’s what I call a plan! I’m on nights so have one for me.


I don’t know what you do for a living but it must be thirsty work
I’m already on your 2nd :beers::beers::sunglasses: