starter motor mitsuba sm2

Hi Guys,im new on this site ,im trying to find a starter motor for my vf.1000 1986 “Mitsuba sm2”,my e.mail,I live in the UK Essex Clacton -on -sea,if anyone can assist,much appreciated ;)Paul

Hi Paul good vf starters are very hard to come by there is a thread on the forum which is quite recent where vf pete fitted a starter from a vf750 which was bought from the states for about £70 and they are fully reconditioned units or you can buy a starter overhaul kit again from the states for about £20 and if fitted correctly and all parts are cleaned correctly and the armature is not burnt out they work fine as well the only difference between the 750 and 1000 starters is the splined shaft is slightly shorter but they appear to work well if you find the thread the part number is on there good luck

And the 750 starter seems stronger than the 1000 one and more durable. (4 bushes instead of 2)

hi paul,
heres the listing for the starter that i got from ebay, ive just ordered another one for my other vf1000, like paul810 says, the only difference is the splined end is slightly shorter, that did worry me a little at first but Fred and the french vf’ers have been using them for a few years now with no problems… with the dollar/pound as it is they are working out at about £70 delivered to your door, all import charges etc included… (i was going to get one a few years ago but the dollar/pound exchange rate made them about £140, so now is a good time to buy as the dollar is set to rise again)


Thanks for your much appreciated help guys,will look into it and let you no how it goes!!! Paul :wink:

Hey guys ,

Though a bit of time has passed since this thread was started I just wanted to let you know that I have starters available for both VF1000R and VF750F models used . I am assuming then that the starter from a 750 should fit the 1000R model too , since it fits the 1000F models , correct ? I am amazed at how much I and other people can learn from the threads and the Forum . It is very educational and fun @ the same time ! :slight_smile: