starter motor

Hi everyone I have 7 starter motors for vf 1000 but all except 1 is turning over slowly so I decided to take them to a friend who worked at lucas before he was made redundant upon inspection of the starters internals everyone he examined he found that where the windings start and they are covered by the the part of the starter where the brushes run that all of them had been overheated and upon close inspection you could see very tiny balls of solder that had melted and come away from the winding joins and made there way to the outside of the shaft thus causing the windings to make only partial contact and there by causing winding failure this is probably caused by worn brushes and extended turning over of starter causing it to heat up and become red hot so a starter repair kit will very rarely fix the fault unless you change it before the brushes wear out any body know where I can get a reconditioned starter from please

hi paul,
You must be in the top ten of vf1000 starter motor enthusiasts ;D
I dont know of anyone who has or can recondition starters, you have probably confirmed what i have thought for a while, that most second hand starters have been used to death, and that the new brush kits although improving them depending on how bad your stater was in the first place, never really gets them back to 100%…
The vf750 one i sent for from America isn’t an exact fit like i first thought, (ive just posted some info on my ff/fe project thread in case you were considering going down that route)
So the age old vf problem of dodgy starters goes on,