Starter solenoid trouble

I am having an issue with a 1985 VF1000 and the electrics. When I have the starter solenoid wiring setup a certain way it won’t start but the headlights and fan and fuel pump will work. When I have it set up another way it’s the opposite where the starter will engage but I lose the fan, lights and fuel pump.
It ran before those wires were disconnected.

Any thoughts on what the problem may be?

i found the answer here. i figured it out from the pictures

just in case anyone else had a similar problem

hi tenseventythree,
strange how these posts all come along at the same time, lain was just mentioning the use of the non standard solanoid with the bladed fuse holder in a post recently, anyway well done for sorting it and letting us know the solution, the link to the thread will be a good help for anyone doing this conversion.