Starter Solenoid

Hi gang - trying to get my Bol d’Or ready for summer and need to replace starter solenoid as it’s been acting up for ages…

Found a replacement to this (image is equivalent from David Silver Spares) on Ebay and now a little puzzled as I went to fit today.

The four pin plug will need modding to fit around the new blade fuse (old design has metal strip fuse and spare) - that’s no problem - but the ‘B’ (Battery) and ‘M’ (Starter Motor) posts are transposed as labelled on new part.

To get these right - which would mean re-routing the battery and starter cables?

But my understanding of how a starter solenoid works - by bridging the connection across there terminals when energised - would suggest it won’t matter if I connect the terminals the other way around?

And means I also have doubts over correct arrangement of the four connector pins.

Has anyone else fitted one of these? If so - what connections/mods worked?

Any help appreciated!


Hmmm - looks like with a few tweaks I may be able to mount the new solenoid back to front under the frame ‘tube’ - which would allow existing cables to connect to the correct ‘B’ and ‘M’ terminals - so any thoughts on the four pin plug - it will fit if I trim the retaining lug off as it fouls the blade fuse (and also turn through 180 deg when viewed from above).

Thoughts/abuse appreciated - I normally try to avoid electrickery unless very straightforward!


Hi Iain,this solenoid will only work if connected as labelled.
The B post supplies the fuse with power,so if connected in reverse the bikes electrics would receive no battery power
Regards Bif

The correct 4 pin plug is available on eBay for a few quid,it comes with tails on to solder to the original wiring
Regards Bif

Cheers Bif!

The four pin plug - am I correct in thinking that I can use the one already on the loom (with the clip retainer cut off)?

Have found a few threads out on the Interweb that suggest all will be good - providing the ‘B’ and ‘M’ posts are correctly connected?


No reason not,maybe a cable tie round it to be sure of maintaining the connection
Regards Bif

Cheers mate - that’s what I was thinking… :slight_smile:


You can pop the connectors out of the existing plug and move them where you need them. I had a similar issue with my Bol. That resolved it.

Puzzled by this as well. I had to replace this part and i am really struggling getting everything to work.
if i plug them in a certain order, i get lights, fan and fuel pump but NO ignition or starter If i plug them in a different way, i get ignition and starter but none of the rest.

I’m new to the forum by the way.