Starting fault

Hi there,
Ive been trying to get this 84/85 vf started before i pull it to bits to restore it,
There appears to be a problem with the starter systen somewhere,A clicking starter soleinoid, was the first fault, i thought it might be a stuck starter moter,but this spins up no problem when you put power through it,
Yesterday i got it that the sol stopped clicking,but it still wont spin the engine over, all fuses are ok,but there has been something frigged under the seat electric connector wise,
Any ideas would be a help, it could be that iam overlooking something obvious
Has anybody got a wiring diagram that they could e-mail me?

Many thanks

If you go to the links heading on home page, under the rest of the world select the unofficial honda vf1000r home page, there is a link to a service manual about half way down, which has all you need to know on the vf1000r

On my bike there is a 30A? fuse under the seat, maybe??