Starting Problem

Hi Folks, I have just finished rebuilding my VF1000RF and although it runs fine once started it is difficult to start when it has been left for a day. It seems to be fuel starvation because when you first push the starter button it fires then stops and continues only firing on a few cylinders until it clears itself and then it is fine. When it is running It ticks over smoothly and is very responsive on the throttle. I have replaced the fuel pump relay, the carbs have been stripped and cleaned with new seals. The compression is 13.5 bar on all cylinders.
Because the bike is in a warm garage using the choke makes it even harder to start. Pilot screws are set at 2 1/4 turns.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried bypassing the relay,linking the black and white wires on the plug,to see if that cures the fuel supply issue?

No I haven’t tried that, I’ll give it a go. Cheers.

I have tried linking out the fuel pump relay and it makes no difference. the fuel pump seems to be working fine. ???

So if the pump runs and stops,the float bowls are full so that’s not the problem.
What did you set the float height to?