Starting to come together but still a lot to do!

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Frame and engine look great… if you maintain this quality through your build it’s going to be a really nice machine. Well done!

Cheers Voycie
I think she’ll look nice when finished. I need to get some more of the hardware plated and a few bits powder coated. The body work has been restored and painted and is ready to go. I just need to remember how it all goes together!!!
Can’t wait to hear that engine (that has been silent for 13 years) start and run as she should :crossed_fingers:

Keep us updated with your progress!

Will do mate.
Maybe the most interesting question will
be if the seals that I have used for the cylinder liners work as they should. A bit shot or bust but they fitted correctly so I’m not expecting any problems with them and the liners and cylinders definitely needed a good clean out. image image image

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Let us know how you get on,I have a set of new liner seals here if you need them.
Regards Bif

The engine’s back in the frame now Bif and I am reasonably confident that the replacement seals I have used will do the job. I’m just waiting for the small oil seal so I can the sprocket cover on. Carbs are ready to refit. I’m having a panic just now because I don’t remember where the hell I have put the rubber mounts for the rads and bodywork and the bodywork jointing clips. I’m quite nervous about how to refit all of the plastics that go around to fairing/light/rads. I have some photos but it looks like a fiendish puzzle.
Nevertheless, I’m fairly happy with the state of play for now and really looking forward to that first ride.
image image

Other News is that, I have just bought a somewhat tatty but basically sound CB1100RCS - so I’d better get the VF done double quick as I’m running out of space!!


If I’m in doubt about what goes where,I use cmsnl parts diagrams blown up a bit.
Nice one with the 1100R too

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Hi Bif
I’m with you there. I use either CSMNL or Ronnies ATV for reference drawings. The CSMNL ones are more wide ranging in terms of models covered perhaps but the ‘watermark’ across each image can be a bugger, especially given that the copy quality isn’t brilliant to start with. Nonetheless they have both proved essential when working on the Z650B1; CB900F2F and now on the VF1000FF. I’ve just stripped the 1100RC down and sent the frame and other bigger bits to have them blasted clean.
I hope that this doesn’t happen too soon though (I’ve never said THAT before) because I need the time and space to make headway on the VF. That’s the one I plan to get finished first but it’s been a total restoration really, while the 1100 has great compression and runs nicely - so more of a deep cosmetic refresh.
What are you working on now?

In the garage at the moment is my FE/R project,had to rob the swingarm and rear wheel earlier in the year due to the marvic on my RF cracking on the Scotland trip.
Managed to source nos panels and tank for this one,using firestorm/xr650 fork components and firestorm brakes.
Project 2 is almost complete and was just a tidy up job really,a repaint and a wheel conversion with a brake overhaul.
I’m removing the 4 into 1 to refit standard collector and tail pipes.
All the parts I needed to complete an RG that I picked up at Stafford show have now been sourced so that will be next on the list.
A few of the forum members will be attending the Newark show in January,are you thinking of going?
Best regards Bif

Hey Bif
I thought that I had quite a bit happening but I think that you have even more going on with your bikes.
I always intend to get to Newark but it falls at a slightly difficult to e for me work wise. So the intention is there right enough but we’ll see when we get into the new year. I’d love to go though and it would be great to hook up with you and some of the others in the group.
Just like you have said to me Bif, I look forward to seeing loads of photos of your bikes as they get done.
Meanwhile, all the best to you and everyone else on here and wishing all of you seasons greetings and all the best for 2020. Let’s hope that it’s a good one!