Steering stem bearings

Hi all, starting to put the vf1000r 84 back together. Just had frame and other parts back from powder coating, while inserting new tapered roller bearings I’m having problems getting them flush , with a lot of force there sticking out of the frame a lot about 10 mil. I,m thinking I have the wrong ones. I have all balls number 22-1020 . I’ve searched their site and their coming up as for 85 1000f . The 84 R is not listed. I know wemoto list them but they don’t give a serial or catalogue number. I bought them 3 years ago in the states, could the bearings be different , anyone got numbers or experience on this , cheers

Hi Retro,the steering stem bearings are the same for all years and models of the VF including the 750.
If is taking that much force to get them in I suggest knocking them back out and checking the bearing seats are spotless and free from any powder coat.
Regards Bif

Put the bearings in the freezer for a little while. While you’re waiting, make sure the seats are clean. You’ll have to tap them in being sure they go in straight not angled.