Still a sports tourer

Our 1000’s are still capable tourers, here is a photo of my BolD’or parked on Stalin’s Line’s parking lot near Minsk, Belarus. Total trip was almost 3400 km, and the bike worked without any problems.

Very nice to see it in the sunlight[:)]

Good bikes,same colour as my Bol.

I,ve got an opportunity to get a Bol that same colour. Ive been to see it but cant quite get the push to commit to it. Id have to sell my 1000FE to finance it.
But having seen that one has stirred the interest again. Has anyone made the transition from naked F models to F2 with the fairing ? I like to do a bit of touring in France etc and must admit having ridden this FE (I love its character and handling) but there`s a niggling thought perhaps the Bol would be better suited ? Are they good protection against the elements ?

Good wind protection on your body but i find the stock screen just creates turbulance and makes my lid noisy.Flip up screens just make it worse.I just ride with my head ducked down a touch to get out of the noisy air and then its fine.Very ponderous handling compared to the FE with its 18" front wheel though.Have a go before selling the FE,they are completely different.

Thanks Crooky,
I had a 1200 Triumph Trophy that drove me mad with that issue. It can often be just the height you are that makes it a problem for you or not.
Any way - good advice.

I haven’t yet spent enough time on my VF1000 to know what the handlebars are like for long distance rides, they actually flle a bit “swept back” if that makes sense? My wrists are at an unnatural angle, and with my previously reconstructed wrist that may not be a good thing. How do you guys find them? If they are going to be problematic, I can fix it fairly simply I believe, but I do subscribe to the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” theory.
Regards, Tony

Hi Tony,
I also have had a wrist operation but find the VF a lot more bearable than a lot of other bikes i have riden. I could only ride my brothers old GPZ1100 for about 15 mins before the pains set in and have riden the VF for a fair bit longer with no pain at all.
Nothing of cause will beat my XR600 with raised bars (even at 200kms an hour at Oran Park that thing was magic).
I suppose Phillip Island will be the tell all and will let you know at Cooma.

ill second what paul says, compared to my zzr1100, which according to all the magazine articles of the time was supposed to be the most comfortable long distance tourer going, the “mile muncher” as it was nick named, well i got news for the magazine jurno’s… the vf is far more comfortable for all round riding…

My f2f FEELS A BIT OLD COMPARED TO THE cbr1100xx now but for long journeys I would use the Bol every time… I just found a photo of Jeff Johnson riding his and getting it airborne during the TT in 85

Hi Radicalrabit,
could you send me the photo please? i can only get VF1000 forum at work and the facebook link does not work.
How is it that i can get porn but not facebook?
What a life hey? looking at porn and bikes all day.[;)]

stick with the porn channel… there,s far fewer adverts…so im’m told… lol