Stolen Bike

Woke to be told my VF had been stolen , and was down the street.
Last night I was trying to start the thing with a set of jump leands and for some reason when I gave up and switched off the ignition I didntg set the steering lock.
The bike wouldn’t start obviously ,and way too heavy to push far so they ripped off the windscreen and cut out all the wires to the fuse box . the fairing is Damaged at the windscreen holes so I dont know if I can repair that or have to go looking for a top fairing, Its going to take a good electrician to sort out the wiring , I am just so pissed off.

there are some proper scumbags about,probably kids that live near you,its like taking a dump on your own door step.Hope you can get it sorted.

thats bad, i cant do with these joy rider type scumbags who just pinch and wreck someones pride and joy just so they can have a few hours of fun, hopefully one day they will get whats coming to them, hope its not too difficult to sort

See if you can get the fairing repaired by one of the company that do plastic welding, can you not replace the fuse box and wiring or the loom, they can be bought on evilbay for about £30.

If you have the broken fragments of the fairing, try guttering adhesive from either Wickes or B&Q. I used it on some VF side panels and it is very strong, I am assuming the fairing is the same plastic.
Most manufacturer’s seem to have a variation on the plastics used, hence the adhesive does not always work, for the sake of £3 its worth trying before committing to plastic welding, Phil.

I have used Smooth-on brand MT-13 epoxy to repair several plastic parts on my VF. It works very well and is reasonably priced,I dont know how available it is in the UK. I used it in conjunction with woven fiberglass tape to repair cracks, holes etc. and it is extremely strong, easy to use and accepts paint perfectly. Good Luck!! Also the Metal-set A4 is great for minor metal repairs, MUCH better than JB Weld!,-Silicone-an/c11_1125_1180/index.html?catdepth=1

Got most of the wires re spliced together apart from the brown one … as the other end seemed to be floating free, The wiring diag mentions a “position” light but not sure what that would be… the battery is supposed to be a YB16 b-a BUT THEY SEEM TO BE SCARCER THAN ROCKING HORSE TURD…I have got a touring screen for it but the top rim of the top fairing had 6 chunks missing from where they ripped off the windscreen. The top fairing also needs a pocket making up for the indicator to sit in.
Anyway will try and find something to make up the missing fairing lugs and get it looking nice again.

The batteries are still around, you may need to cross reference it with others or simply enquire with someone on Ebay, the first letter designation on the battery code if I remember rightly is the manufacturers, so the “Y” can be a “C”
There is plenty CB16B-A batteries on ebay, plus you should’nt need to worry about brand because they are all made in China!

When I tried a different battery the rev counter needle moved . Why would it do that ? It didn’t start anyway