Struggling with leaking water pump

Hi VF owners. This is my first post here and it is related to my VF1000FF water pump issue. My bike started leaking coolant from the pump weep hole considerably, so I changed the seals under impeller. That did improve sealing but not fully - I still see few drops on the ground once I stop riding. I am not wiling to do another seal change operation since I do not have proper tools (hydraulic press) and skill set to change seals with 100% success rate. First time i did it looking at youtube clip and using brutal way - heating and smashing. It looks easy on video but it wasn’t.

  1. Ideally I would buy a new pump. Does anyone have it for sale or can direct me to the seller?
  2. Does anyone tried to install pump from another model where new pumps still available?
  3. Does anyone can do a seal replacement professionally? I would send my pump and pay all shipping costs. I know there was a guy from US doing this but he doesn’t anymore

Thanks for the feedback in advance!

A reconditioned pump is still available from the US,only now the cost is prohibitive.
I was lucky enough to find a NOS one in Italy,still not cheap but less than the recon.
Keep looking,it’s surprising what turns up

This guy would be your best bet. NOS are not available anywhere - I looked for two years lol.

It’s not cheap, but that said it’s not really any more expensive than buying a new one would be if they were available, and less risky than a second hand one.

It’s the route I used. I have no complaints.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all for replies. I read that water pumps usually outlast life of engine itself what made me think I was just very unlucky with mine. I rolled a dice and bought another used pump from ebay for 50 EUR, put it in and so far so good - no leaks whatsoever. If that fails I will have to use Overhaul service mentioned by ChrisB.

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