Suspension and transmission


My 84 vf1000f was recently at the mechanics getting the fork seals done and the mechanic noticed how stiff my front forks are. The right hand fork doesnt want to compress, he said the left is fine. Going over bumps isnt fun, super stiff.

Are there any known issues with the dampers on these bikes? Ive had the forks apart and fully clean then out, had been stiff since I got it.

Another thing I’ve noticed it when I let off the throttle and decelerate, no brakes, I can hear the transmission making a lot of noise. Sounds like loose gear cogs rattling as them sing. Is the tranny on the way out?

Any help is appreciated

If he replaced the fork seals he should have inspected all the components
as is routine.Were the front forks not compressng befor he changed the fork seals?

They were stiff before the fork seals were changed. Damper adjuster on top does nothing

sorry mate i dint read your post properly.
what i mean is your mechanic should have found the problem when he changed the
seals as the forks have to be dismantledand and reasembled .