Swinging Arm Removal?

A little help needed, I have leaking down pipes from the rear cylinders down into the exhaust box, so i have to take off the swinging arm to get to them, is there a simple way to do this, do i have take off the skock, the shock has been replaced with a new one not original, can i just knock out the pin that holds the suspension joint mechanism to the underneath of the arm? is the mechanism under pressure, must i slacken off the shock spring? Thanks for any forthcoming help :slight_smile:

Hi TMP, the rear shock is not under tension whilst in its normal state i.e. you can undo the 2 bolts top and bottom and just lift it out. You’ll need to be careful to support the rear wheel as the whole swinging arm and wheel will obviously drop down once you’ve removed those bolts.
However, you say you have oil running down onto the balance box exhaust which I presume is coming from the rocker covers at the rear ?

Is the leak at the cylinder head end or at the pipe/collector box joint?
The bottom joint is best tackled by removing the collector box,no need to touch the rear shock.
If it’s the top joint at the head the collector box still needs to come off,removing the back wheel may give you more access and will make removing the shock easier if you need to take it out too.
Regards Bif

Thanks biff and marmite for the info … it is not oil leaking but a leaking gasket into the collector box i think, i already have the back wheel off, i will do as you say and detach the shock, these bikes are not simple to work with … unless you have a lot of time. Thanks again! :slight_smile: