Tachometer Needle

Was out driving around today with the vf1000f and the weirdest thing happened, the tachometer needle just broke, no reason, just snapped off right at the base. I’m having a hell of a time finding a replacement needle… I would love to be able to find one that looks the same but right now I’d settle for one that’s just orange or I could even paint orange… Anyone here have any leads? even a broken tach or speedo that I could pop the needle off… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you only option is a used set of clocks and replace the tacko
there was a few on ebay for about £40.00 a set[B)]

I snagged a Needle from an wrecked car at the u-pick salvage the other day and stuck it on for now, i will keep my eye open for a proper one if one comes up… I actually have 2 spare tachometers but the needles are broke on both of them, appears to be very brittle plastic, even tried gluing the needle back together, no luck there… I found a couple broken ones on eBay Canada for $40 CAD, they are off a vf500 but the needles look the same

When your taking them apart after buying many tach and Speedo needles. I found out that there very very brittle and break easily, the cause is sunlight that just bakes these little guys to death. The only solution is to find a good low mileage gauge and make sure the gauge and needle color is a dark orange because the lighter the orange color is the more brittle they become. And the correct way to take them off is to turn the needle counter clockwise and than pull off. The trick is to not be in a hurry or it’ll break. After buying many off eBay and finally figuring out the cure. The install is just reversed, gently screw the new used one on. There notorious for just breaking for no other reason than the constant bouncing and moving up and down. But sunlight is the killer on these so if my vf1000f is in the sunlight directly now while parked I put a small terry cloth over the gauges. Hope this helps.