Taking carbuators set off

Hi everone! I’m just back in my flat, [:(!], because I can’t get off the carburators.

In the Honda owners manual it’s simply written after taking off the fuel pipe, etc. to loosen the clamps, which hold the carburators via the rubber tubes (sorry for my poor English).
I did so, and the carburators move a littel bit (some 2 to 5 milimeters) in the rubber tubes, but no way to take them off.

Can anyone give me an idea?

I must add, that my VF1000R (I just bought) was poorly maintained and therefore the rubber tubes are stiff through the age (22 years)…

Thx for any help!



Sorry for the delay in answering…

To get the carbs off, you need a lot of preparation, and a little brute strength…

First: MAKE SURE that the inlet manifold (rubber tubes) clamps are VERY loose… It may be worth whiles loosening all eight clamps, as it’s fairly easy to refit a manifold to it’s cylinder head if it comes off with the carbs…

Next: Remove the airbox, the front heat-shield plate and the ignition coils & HT leads…

Then: lift the front of the plenum chamber (metal box that fits between the carbs and the airbox), until the two front carbs start to lift out… This will NOT be easy… Once the two front carbs are away, you can (usually) get the rear ones out quite easily…

It’s a struggle to get the carbs out of the frame as the wiring harness gets in the way, but it’s no-where near as difficult as getting them back in…!!

Have Fun!!


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Thanks for your expications. Finally I cut the four rubber pipes to get the carburators off. And I ordered four new ones (hope they are still available…)


Hi Stefan,
A bit late I know but next time(??)also remove the two bolts, one each side, that hold the opposed carb bodies together. THis will give you more flexibility to get the things off. As mentioned previously in the thread, front out first. Also as the carbs are a little more mobile with these two bolts removed be sure to watch the small cushion springs, three in total I think, on the linkage as they can come out during the process. I put a smear of silicone sealer on them and their location plates and let it set just to be sure.

Like I say a little late for you Stefan but I’m sure this info will help someone as it is a ‘Mother’ of a job if not approached in the right frame of mind.