Taking Time Out to Enjoy

My original plan was to do a full restore on this machine. After a lot of inspection and sole searching, I decided to put it back together as is and ride it for a while. Just about every part would need a lot of lov’n and unless I really like this bike, it will just be a nice daily rider type. Anyway, a couple weekends ago I took it on a little trip…

Last weekend I rode up to Ohio for the SabMag spring meet and ran into a couple other F’s. Anyway, in the past three weeks I’ve put over 1000 miles on it. So far, lots of smiles.

Last week, I took my VF1000F/G for a 350 miles trip around “les Monts d’Auvergne”,climbing the “Puy Mary”,the “Puy Violent” (where we found some snow on the road side!).

We had lunch at Tournemire famous for the Anjony Castle

then we went to Alleuze’s Castel:

and his chapel:

and before returning home we visited Auzer’s Castel:

Nice trip,good lunch and nice weather,who could ask for more?..

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Glad to see you guys are out enjoying the ride. Bravo!

Next week end,we’ll have a go to “les gorges du Tarn”.I’ll put the road book and photographs here especialy for you Thunder! :wink:

Thank you sir, you have a beautiful country there and I really enjoy the pictures you provide.

And Stretch’s photo of where he is riding is so green and beautiful as well.

Tomorow’s piece of cake…

photographs here on monday morning!

@Stretch - this is a great photo of the interceptor taking the curve, can I use it on the Facebook site?

Some photographs of our trip from Périgueux to Espalion (502 km, about 312 miles, of pleasure)
The weather was hot but cloudy till we reached Aurillac

Château de Laroquebrou:

with a covent and a fortified church:

Sun was here when we stopped in Entraygues.The bikes, 1986 VF1000F G,2002 BMW R1100RT,Suzuki 1100 GSXF

and a very ancient bridge

with “parkings” for donkeys on the sides

We then rode to Estaing and the beautiful castel:

where we had a délicious lunch at “Les Armes d’Estaing”. A view of the street with a very old Citroën traction (c 1950) parked

We headed to Conques.General view :

inside the village:

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fred, i am very envious of the countryside you have to ride in, and the traffic free roads you enjoy, here in yorkshire where i live we too have some great countryside, unfortunately its often very busy with traffic, and some of the people who head out there should remember to take there Macdonalds and KFC family buckets home with them >:(

Sure Pete,it’s true,we had nearly empty roads all day long during our trip.Our lunch was not exactly Mc Donald or KFC 8) …http://www.estaing.fr/

I used to live in Peterborough and the roads were crowded and full of careless sunday drivers…

Absolutely gorgeous. 8) Was the food an appetizer? LOL

Yes,Thunder, it was the appetizer we all chose. Three of us chose a roasted duck breast with honey sauce as main course while the fourth chose a filet of perch with asparagus… It was delicious!

Sorry it took me so long to reply. You can absolutely use my picture.84%20VF1000F%202014

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yep nice bikes I have one to.Screenshot_20180127-081846Screenshot_20180111-123725Screenshot_20180127-081539

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