tan hill.

Finally managed to cross this one off my places to visit list, Tan hill inn, the highest pub in great britain, made famous 30+ years ago with the Ted moult’s Everest double glazing advert, its pretty remote up there being 1733 feet above sea level,
from there we headed across country to Whitby, the grey sky’s and strong head wind’s made me wish i had put a few more layers on, i was glad to get off the vf for a cuppa and a bun. From there it was off down the coast to Scarborough, it didn’t seem as cool there, had some posh fish + chips (on a plate with a slice of lemon :P) before heading back to squires cafe, then home…
All in all, a good day out clocking up about 300 miles,


POSH FISH AND CHIPS :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like it was an uplifting trip Pete. Did you know what to do with that knife and fork they gave you ?
How’s the engine dismantling going ?


hi martin,
yes i knew exactly what to do with the knife and fork… i stole them ;)… only kidding, where i come from your considered a sissy if you use a plastic fork for fish and chips…

the ff engine is stripped down, the offending noisy items have been identified and will be executed at dawn,
will post some stuff up on my FF/FE thread very soon,

:frowning: What’s that brown sauce in the blue cup? Where’s the ale? ::slight_smile:

That’s what passes for tea in Scarborough, i could have supped a bucket full :wink:
Ale… while driving fred, not for me, i’m completely tea total when on the road 8)

It even looks cold in the pics!

I must confess that,99.9% of the time,even when I don’t drive/ride I’m on diet Coca… I had just one single Heineken during the week end at the BOC two weeks ago but it’s a personal choice.

I totally agree on that point about not drinking while riding
You need to be sharper than a razor edge these day to survive.
I ride my other bike in Kansas and its completely different
Only time I drink is at a funeral and its a short ,probably rum, might as well have something good :slight_smile: