Tanks in advance (pardon the pun)

Hi all

Noobie member here.

Just moved my Bol d’Or down to Somerset where we’ve been living last couple of years and it needs a bit of work to get back on the road.

Most significant ob is the fuel tank. When the bike was my dad’s he did a small patch but it has developed another leak and a proper hole whilst in storage at my sister’s garage up North.

Anyone advise on tank repairs or knowledge of any available - mine is red and silver.

I’m nothing near mechanical, so getting the bike back up to MOT spec is my objective but I’m not one for being able to do lots of techie stiff myself (not for the want of learning) but I fear it’ll be a garage job for anything tricky.

Any and all advice welcomed.

I’ll grab some photos when I have an opportunity - will be doing some as I clean her up to show my progress.


Hi Benj,
Don’t know if this is any use to you?


Thanks Andy.

Just been looking at that tonight - and found another in blue, but red n silver is what I need.