tarted up my tatty vf from last year

Hi and good evening thought I would put a few pics of my old ratty vf on the forum after a winter spruce up and clean its by far not perfect and everything on it was done by me, the paint job, powder coating, and polishing plus new cam and so it goes on. It aint the best but beats what it use to look like

nice job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 8)
its good to know there’s another one around in the best color
got to take the pro link bit out soon as my one seized up last year

Hi windy if you need any spares I am close to you remember you cleaned my carbs for me and I owe you a favour and I have six vf 1000 in bits which I am breaking and using for my own projects so if you need anything come and give me a look, am in hevingham

Awesome. Looks great! Something to aim for…

how did you get six its become an obsession
in another month i have to dismantle the rear prolink as i think its seized up
knew there was another bit i had not serviced :slight_smile: 8)

Very nice job Paul,I look forward to seeing it in the flesh on the Scottish trip
Regards Bif

looking good paul, did you have the silicone coolant pipes made up or were they off the shelf items ?

Hi Pete they were off the shelf the top 2 were one 90 degree pipe with one end cut down which happened to be the right length for the other pipe and the bottom pipe was a standard 45 pipe cut down and, thanks for the comment