Teambifs 1000RF

At long last its all together and running sweet.
Tonight I ventured out not quite sure what to expect,I had read a few reviews but to start with it all felt very VF.
After bedding the brakes in a little and checking that it would actually go round left and right hand corners I found a long straight and gave it the beans.
7000 RPM and the Rev counter took off as if the clutch was slipping(it wasn’t) into 5th and the same response,happy boy.Regards Bif

looks great bif, and sounds like its going to be a whole heap of fun…

Well done mate, it looks a cracker, and sounds like it rides the same :slight_smile:

The Scotland trip was the first real test of the R and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.
The riding position seems strange at first with the pegs being quite high but farther forward than you would find on a modern sports bike.
Being as I have long legs it looked like I was in for an uncomfortable few days.
The trade off however is your legs supporting the majority of your body weight rather than your wrists.
This came into its own on single track roads where speed is down and there is no lift on your chest from air flow.
Pete,Paul and John all tried it out and the feedback was,glad I’ve got one,want one and want one.
Oil consumption was 1/2 litre for a total of 830 miles,some of which was covered at a fair pace.
John tends to ride in the lower gears and never had it above 3rd between lochearnhead and crief.
The brakes have bedded in well up front while the rear had very infrequent use due to the impressive engine braking.
Due to the rear cowl luggage was restricted to a tankbag,not a problem as It was only a weekend,not sure how I would get on .
I like it a lot and enjoy riding it even though it asks for more input than the Bol.
The R is rising steadily in value so if you want one there is no time like the present
If you would rather try before you buy,make your way along to one of our meets,with fully comp insurance and you are more than welcome to try mine for a few hours.
Best regards Bif
P.S I will also need your wife as hostage/deposit to ensure your return

So, if I damaged it in any way you would keep my wife?
Even. perhaps a minor scratch?

THX113’s comments remind me of the old joke - "my wife had her credit card stolen last year. I haven’t reported it to the police yet because so far he’s spending less than she was " !!! ::slight_smile:

Yes,it sounds like I didn’t think the caveat through properly,I could possibly end up with more SWAMBOs than one man could handle.
Regards Bif