Thats nasty


As Pete will attest to ( he’s my agony aunt ) Ive been having all sorts of on going hassle with my VF500F2. If its not one thing its another; one of those Friday afternoon bikes. I finally got the engine tops screwed back up after new head gaskets when I noticed there was STILL an oil leak coming from behind the starter motor. I thought this was coming from the head originally. So, I stuffed a bung where the starter motor would normally sit and bump starter her… There is was; a crack in the upper crack case. Oh s…t.
If it wasn’t such a beautiful bike to look at I’d sling it over the hedge.


these things happen to me
am moting the vf1000 Monday but today I drove over a speed bump in the road,done this a million times
and broke a front right coil spring( broke the left last year 16 years on transit mk 6 , Dam moore money i was going to use on gas for the bike in july
looked on europarts £48.56 less farthers day discount 35% off =£31.86
now just the labour from my mechanic steve.
last year he said pitty it wasant the right its easyer now he has his wish . :’(