the AA, not quite the 4Th emergency service

Well here’s one to make you think about what recovery service to use, last night whilst on my way home in the car i broke down, car started missing then lost power and came to a standstill, so after about 5 minutes of trying to get it started and a quick look under the bonnet for anything obvious i decided to phone the AA recovery service.
I have been a member of this organization for a good few years now and have used them a few times, every year they upgrade my membership, charge me a little extra and tell me of all the extra benefits im getting by doing so, im now a GOLD MEMBER.
So i rings the number on the back of my membership card, goes all through the “press 1 for renewels, press 2 for blah blah blah… you get the picture, finally manages to get to speak to some one, goes all through the saftey script, “are you parked in a dangerous position, are your lights on, is your hazzard lights on ect ect”
Finally gets around to discussing the location of the car, i didn’t actually know the road number, but new that the i had just pulled off the A628 roundabout and where i was heading to, and where i had come from… easy, not so… after ten minutes of going round and round in circles,
AA…“are you on the A628 ?”
Me…“no, im on the bypass, its the second exit off the A628 roundabout, if your traviling from lundwood to cudworth”
AA…” so your on the Cudworth bypass"
Me…“no, thats the third exit”
AA… “so your on Burton road”
Me… “no thats the first exit”
AA…“are you on the A635 ?”
Me… “no, thats about 3 miles away”
AA… …“have you gone past Burton business park”
Me… “No thats on burton road”
Anyway after about 10 minutes of “guess the location” we finally managed to agree on a location, i was at boiling point >:(

Then he delivered the killer blow,
AA… “whats the speed limit on that road ?”
Me… “60”
AA… “sorry we cant recover any vehicles broken down in a live lane, on a road with a speed limit in excess of 50mph, can you push your car on to a kerb or a drive way, if not, we will have to ask the police to attend and move you from the road, then we will be able to recover you… Ill set up a conference call between yourself the AA and the local police !!!..”

so i agree’s to them setting up the conference call… honestly the police officer on the phone couldn’t believe what he was hearing
Officer…" so you want us to come out and give you a push"
Me…" its not my choice, but thats what the AA are saying"
AA…" we are not allowed to recover the vehicle Blah blah blah"
Officer…" i’m in the aa, and ive never heard of this"
AA…" we are not allowed to recover the vehicle Blah blah blah"

In all honesty, ill bet i was on the phone for nearly 30mins, it will cost me more on call charges than if i had phoned a local recovery firm.

eventually after another 30mins a recovery wagon turned up, it wasn’t the AA, but the local recovery firm that contracts to the AA.


Pete, honesty will be your downfall. Everyone knows when you break down you get on the phone, put on a girly voice, start crying and tell them your baby has just woken up due the noise of all those juggernauts speeding past. You get immediate top priority . OK when they turn up they get pissed off because they’re hoping to be super heroes in the eyes of a girly but instead they’re looking at a hairy arsed Yorkshire man with a big grin on his mush. Mind you -you could always put on that little pink number you keep in the back - for weekends ? ;D ;D ;D

I had them refuse to recover me from a multi storey car park after starter motor failure on a car of mine.
Haven’t used them since, and won’t use them again. They also don’t recover you if you’ve been in an accident.

;D ;D ;D We don’t have AA over there but,Pete, you made me laugh! I had the nearly same dialog with my phone operator last week. >:(