The 'HO' is ready (i think)

Hi All,
I took the ‘HO’ out 2 weeks ago with my mate who was on an fz1000, got 10kms from home and his bike shit itself, started with dash lights flashing and not charging, i dashed back home and got a spare battery to get him back. Turns out he washed it the other week, tried a new battery, triad a new regulator, needs a stator i think.[:(]
Anyways back to the ‘HO’, every set of lights i pulled up at i got a waft of burning oil, turns out the output shaft was leaking both from the sprocket bolt and the shaft seals. i replaced all of that and she is good to go.
I rode it to work yesterday and she whent like a rocket. sometimes you do need to hang on to these things hey? [8D][8D]

Got it home and no leaks.[:D][:D][:D]

Looks like i might be taking her to Phillip Island after all. [:)] [:D] [8D] [}:)]

I am so relieved right now, just one more test for a day ride maybe next weekend when nothing on. bloody family do’s.[|)]

Can’t wait till the Island, its funny how as soon as it is over we are already looking forward to doing it again and the 2 years between cant go quick enough. i shouldn’t be wishing my life away like that, it may end all too soon.

Ride it like you stole it (i did and had a ball).[}:)]


P.S. as for the FZ, she is still taking up another bike space in my shad and another mate bringing over a XJR1300 for me to do another love job on. (rear brakes) Can’t wait [V]

Good to hear you have made some real progress, wish I could say the same. Nothing wrong that I know of, just a severe lack of time atm, that and waiting for some caliper slider boots to arrive from across the pond (USA) that seem to be taking forever.
I guess as it gets closer to Phillip Island you will probably take the HO on some longer trips to ensure no niggles that could leave you stranded?
I will be doing some weekend rides initially (once it’s on the road) in my local area, or around 100 km radius from home for that very reason, that and the fact my wife can come to the rescue if needed, anything that is going to cause me grief will hopefully manifest itself over that distance, and hey there are some awesome roads around the Snowy Mountains as well!
I am probably being a little cautious but these are old bikes now even if it is only half my age!, and I haven’t had the chance to ride it more than a couple of kms so far.
Regards, Tony

Hi Tony,
The roads down there are awsome, thats one of the things i look farward to mostly, like Omeo Hyway, Manaro Hyway, Buckets Way and the road between Jindabine and Coriong, my brother and mates got done last time along there doing 102kms. didn’t realise it is a 60 zone. if you are in the neaghbour hood, try the road from Yarra Junction to Mount Baw Baw, that is a nice slow tight ride but bloody awsome and the one that goes from Orbost through Deligate to Bombala. you can check all these on Google maps and they are awsome to ride. i love the roads in Vic, much better than NSW, and a little dirt never hurt anyone.
Going to do some more test rides when i get a chance and like you will do it in a 100km radius for now.
Stay safe and hang on for the ride.[}:)]

One of the first rides I have in mind will be from home to Cooma, down the Brown Mountain, turn off to Candelo then through Wyndham and then up the back of the mountain range through Cathcart and into Bombala, back to Cooma then home. Might be a touch more than 100 km range but all well known roads that are mostly less than an hour from home.
Maybe then some more adventurous rides if all goes well, and I agree, a little dirt is good for the soul if not the bike. I learned to ride on dirt and have continued riding on dirt as you can probably tell from the list of bikes in my sig.

Yeh, you got some fun toys. I did Barry Way from Jindabyne to Buchan via Suggan Buggan to Phillip Island back in 09 with the XR on road wheels about 40kms dirt and was sideways around every corner just about. My brother did it on a KTM950SE and i kept up with him easily and my other brother on a GPZ1100 and a mate on a Triumph Thruxton. It would be a bit slower on the VF but just as much fun. I don’t know which way we will be going this time, possibly Deligate pub for Wednesday night. should be good either way.

Ahh yes the “Barry Speedway”, that is a fun ride. Did it on my KTM620 some years ago, sideways fun all the way!

The most fun you can have with your pants on besides Oran Park when it was open doing 200kms down the straight on the XR. She gets up and boogies. My mate rides Bandit’s and Katana’s and he said he has never seen a dirt bike take off at the lights like the XR (it took him half a K to catch me).

Took the HO out for a run the other day and she performed outstandingly. Went out to Old Northern Rd on the M4 and back along Elizabeth Dr, about 100kms of just cruising (runs good at 160 but you didn’t hear that from me, Bloody 110 speed limits). She didn’t miss a beat besides slow to crank when hot. Rebuilt my spare starter motor on the weekend and fitted it, modified my highway pegs and scraped off the ‘HO’ stickers but i think i might put the ‘HO’ back on just till after the island (good discussion topic) then will fit the ‘NDA’. gunna take her out next week for a ride with my brother Pat (whos shed burned down with the GPZ1100 and CB900 in it) he went out and got himself a CBR1000F last week and wants to give it a run. Phillip Island in 5 weeks and 2 days. Getting too late to find anything major, its not going to happen, touch wood.

I have the same slow starter when hot Paul, however my bike came with a spare starter motor, stator and regulator, so I think the previous owner was trying to eliminate the problem by swapping parts. Once I get the starter off, I will have a go at rebuilding it. My charge rate it around 13.8 while running so that’s fine, the battery is at 12.7 when not running so that looks ok too. That only really leaves the starter motor.

Hi Tony,
You can get starter kits off ebay for around 20 bucks. The kit includes base plate, brushes, bearings, shim washers, 'O’rings, infact everything short of a new starter motor. Mine seams to work okay and was easy to fit. Load test your battery with a load tester when fully charged shouln’t drop below about 10V. If you havn’t got a load tester, take the battery down to the local servo and ask him to test it for you, only takes a second and he shouln’t charge you for it. Does the charge rate increase slightly when you rev it then drop back to 13.8? if so sounds good.
See you in a few weeks at Cooma.

Hi All,
Just picked up a VF from the wreckers and i am going to transfer all the good parts to mine and get it back up to scratch.
my problem is the tank had to get flushed and treated and now needs to be resprayed, the fairing has got 1 little crack in the right hand side bend near handle bars and my old side covers are better.
so this brings me to my question, should i respray the parts that need spraying I.E. tank, side covers and top fairing, with the nice red metalic it is (will be hard to match) or should i respray the whole lot? if i respray the whole lot, what colour should i go with? it would be hard for my painter to paint the red white and blue which i so desire, i was thinking of a deep sky blue metalic pearl or something. or maybe the red it was before i hit the STUPID cow.

Red, White, Blue. Even if it’s not an exact match to original!

im with tony, red/white/blue is a awsome colour scheme on the vf’s… but theres only one colour for a “ho” and thats red…

You do have a good point there Pete!

Maybe i do the ‘HO’ in metalic red and keep on the road then do a long term project for a tri colour full rebuild on the other?
Do i have the time? do i have the money? NO and NO[:(]. just need to keep riding (and keep away from cows[:o)]).
Day ride set for 22nd of September if anyone in Sydney interested.[:D]