Thinkin' about getting an interceptor

I have been doing a lot of reading about this bike. 1984 VF1000F Interceptor. What I don’t understand is how the Magna and Sabre get a higher horsepower and top speed rating than the Interceptor sport bike? What is the deal? I mean, is it the same engine as the Magna or what?

magna, sabre interceptor

Hey thanks for the quick reply, but…I don’t see how that page is going to answer my question. I have read it before I posted the question as well.

I need to put this in the owners forum. My mistake.

I believe the Magnas and Sabre were shaft drive and as shafts take more power to get it to the rear wheel its less efficient so there is less at the road.which needs more power to compensate for loss of bhp
Where as a chain is more efficient and the vf1000f is more streamline with less drag of air.[:)][8D]

If you measure at the crank a vf1000f is kicking out over 170bhp,thats if it looses 50% when it gets to the back wheel[}:)]