This is my FF

Just come back from a 100 mile run out today so just pressure cleaned the dead bugs off.Took a hit from a big bumble bee today right in the middle of my visor at 80 mph.No neeeed.

This is my 1986 ‘c’ plate FF.

She is a lovely bike to ride,very comfortable,handles nice,brakes are bedding in better the more miles i do,just the chain and sprockets to change now as i am getting vibration down the left side.I thought it might be gearbox bearings on the way out but span the back wheel today on the centre stand and you can feel the teeth engaging with the chain so time for some new ones.

That’s a really nice VF. Are the wheels stripped to bare alloy or resprayed silver? And what are the bands on the silencers? I had a silver/red 86 FF and your pics bring back some memories I can tell you!

The bands on the silencers hold them together.The silencers were cut in half at some point to modify the baffles.It does sound sound nice,very growly without being too loud.

Nice! Looks like I have picked the best colour :wink:

I like this model the best. I think the back end is much nicer than the FE. Nice color too.I was out on my Blackbird the other day and got a wasp in my eye at about 90. Couldn’t see out of it for about 20 minutes! As you say “No need!”[B)]

Very, very nice! Been tossing up between two bikes. I think you’re pic’s have just tipped the scales.