Tick over when warmed up...

Was out of vf today for ride on dry roads…

Bike was fine in everyway exept for tick over when warmed through, when it would stall…anoying, worked fine when tick over adjusted to 1000 rpm, but then when cold, no choke, tick over too high, 1200 rpm. Occasional exhaust pop on neutral throttle. Power is fine etc.

Gonna recheck valve clearances, resync carbs.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Just sounds odd. :-\ :-\

I have had similar problems to this over the years, sounds very much like you have lost one of the small springs on the balancing mechanisms which is allowing one carb to fluctuate, this normally causes exhaust popping and erratic tic over,

when the bike is fully warmed up does the rev’s drop quickly when you shut the throttle off, if not that could point to the pilot screws being set incorrectly or an air leak, which again will effect your tic over between hot and cold.
I would have a look at the springs though before getting involved with the pilot screws ect.

Carb sync all good, pilot screws at factory settings. Tick over while hot now good…but…spat coolant all over garage floor.

Fans didn’t come on, fans tested ok when shorted. No continuity on thermo fan switch hot or cold. Ridden this bike about sixty miles since rebuild, never heard the fans…never got hot…

:frowning: >:( >:(

Nothing easy.

Used the hyundai switch 85 close 80 open. Works a treat and fans coming on as required. Jobs a good un, all ready to go.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: