Ticking from Reg Rectifier

I was warming the 85 VF1000F2 up to do an oil change when I heard a clicking noise. With the side covers off, I can feel a clicking or ticking (maybe once per second) coming from the Regulator / Rectifier. This seems to have been recently replaced. Any ideas? It doesn’t seem like the charging system is working either - I’ve needed to charge the battery (which is also new).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Vanz, i think you might find the ticking will be the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump doesn’t pump constantly, rather cycles on off as pressure drops, maybe someone with more experience will agree, cheers

Sounds like the fuel pump,its mounted behind the regulator.
There should be no noises coming from the regulator as its solid state

Was your reg very hot? Take it off and look at the back. If it is cracked or even bumpy, it is dead! And the ticking that you heard if not coming from the pump may have been its interiors frying … :roll_eyes:. It may be why the battery was not charging and the alternator stator can also be dead …
And, if it looks new as well as the battery, chances are that the reg is just some chinese crap, not a real Shindengen or a good English build reg !
In any case go for a Mosfet one and remember that price is forgotten but quality remains!
Scottish saying! :wink:

Solid State Devices can make sounds, but its very subtle.
Switching Transistors/FETs/UJTs/SCRs under high load, are the loudest.

Use a long Screw Driver, against your ear, press other end against RR, and then Pump, or even Pump Relay. You should find the source easily.

Vanz, did you get to the bottom of the clicking?

I have the same with my 1985 VF1000R and couldn’t work it out. I’ve only had the bike for a few months and currently separated due to work so can’t fault find at the moment.

Not yet. I’ve dumped the oil and I’m waiting for some parts before I start her again. I’ll revert as soon as I know something.