apperently the timing for vf 1000 are non adjustable. any comment on this subject?? and has any one had any trouble with pulse generators before.

The ignition timing is “factory set” and some models (particularly in the USA) have the ignition pick-up coils (pulse generators) secured with “shear bolts” So these need to be drilled out and replaced if you want to replace them or to adjust the ignition timing…

It’s more “normal” for the ignition spark box(es) to fail than the pick-up coils, but it’s not unknown… You can check the pick-up coil by measuring the resistance from the harness connector under the side-panel… Also check for your tachometer “flickering” (the spark units also provide pulses to the tacho…)

What VF1000 model do you have? I have a spare spark unit for the late FEs, FFs etc (Single spark unit models, not twin…)


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