Today, Sally, my V65 Sabre, didn't behave like a good old girl should!

1pm today, end of the morning shift (5h/13h), ready to go back home, I started the engine and it made an awful sound like something métallic scrapping metal.

I stopped the engine, phoned a friend who came with the van we use to take our race bikes to the track. Put the bike in the van and discharged it at my home.

As I had replaced the alternator in july I took a look at it: no problem.

Next suspect on my list was the starter clutch. Drained the engine, took the clutch cover off and there, bingo, one of the 3 bolts had unscrew itself and was scrapping the inside of the cover.
I took both of them out and put them back with a drop of Loctite “strong”. Then I put every thing in place and stared the engine: no more noise, just a sweet purr from the exhaust…

Sally was a good old girl again…

Some pictures tomorrow…

Sally’s underwear:

The culprit:

The sligntly dammaged cover:

Sally under surgery:

Today, she went as sweet as ever…

@vf1000f.24: You are a lucky, lucky boy and Sally is noughty girl.

Glad you got away with it.