Today's ride

Thjs afternoon, my boss -who is a close friend of mine- and me had a nice ride…,+France&daddr=Ch%C3%A2teau+de+Hautefort,+Hautefort,+France+to:Jumilhac-le-Grand,+France+to:Savignac-L%C3%A9drier,+France+to:S%C3%A9gur-le-Ch%C3%A2teau,+France+to:Arnac-Pompadour,+France+to:Uzerche,+France+to:Donzenac,+France+to:Brive-la-Gaillarde,+France+to:P%C3%A9rigueux,+France&hl=fr&ie=UTF8&sll=45.399414,1.371231&sspn=0.202737,0.308647&geocode=FR10sQId2wALACnhDkqUAXH_RzGF944Dns-z4A%3BFa2bsgIdVXgRACFOGHykZgLAGinxDRC-gEn_RzFOGHykZgLAGg%3BFcExtgIdSjYQACmdwS8UmSX_RzFvtAhTNThj_w%3BFagwtAIdv50SACk_tWbdcDP_RzEQ9BdIF2UGBA%3BFSMztQIdEvQTACnLRdH35M34RzF6EBmDjToR_A%3BFTu5tAIdzR0VACm39PCffM_4RzFYR-lIs1XiNA%3BFcIdtQIdQdsXACkZHhtvFej4RzGIIWDBN7fCtw%3BFcYesgIdaDwXAClHtdYcEb74RzEwJk372UWUBw%3BFYMUsQId8WcXACn7PoJKSb34RzHwdu5gktMFBA%3BFR10sQId2wALACnhDkqUAXH_RzGF944Dns-z4A&oq=P%C3%A9rigueux&mra=ls&t=m&z=10

Just for fun, have a look at the landscape and at the monuments…

No pictures of the beautiful scenery over there for you USA buddies…

Specially for you in the US…

Hautefort Castle:
And the gardens:

Jumilhac Castle “La fileuse”:

At Savignac we stopped to to visit an ancient foundry and forge (remember, w’re both enginers)

Pompadour Castle:

The Vézère river’s valley at Vigeois:


hi fred,
nice ride out, some nice scenery, and nice roads too.

Beautiful and stunning. Wow, all those castles are just look amazing.

I usually go out to mountains for a ride that is not far from me. It is more of the old western style type of environment. Next time I go up I’ll be sure to take pictures.

CASTLES !!! Sir, they are Chateau`s and fine ones at that.
Fred, I am riding into your beautiful country twice in May. To St Quentin ( north ) at the beginning of the month and then to Chateau Renault at the end of the month. Both trips fairly north of France and well north of you.

I dont care, as long as I,m riding through those wonderful open - bike friendly roads then I`m happy as a pig in poo.