Top bridge cover ?

Hi everybody

Should there be a plastic top bridge cover in F2-models ? I do not have one, and never missed that kind of part, but according my parts fiche, it should be there, part number is 38210-MB2-900, different compared to F-models 38210-MB2-000. If it should be there, I am interested to buy one, if somebody has it collecting dust.

Hi Pekka,F2F and F2G models dont use this cover,part no.3821-mb2-900 fits FF and FG models to cover the fuse box which as you know is on the dash of your bike.Regards BIF

Hi Bif, and thanks for the answer. Strange thing is, that the parts book lists the cover for F2-models too. It looks like the form fits the ignition lock cover. Maybe I’ll get one, and check how it looks.