Top Tyre Choices

My 85 1000FF runs 100/90/18 and 140/80/17 tyres. I thought that I’d try out some Metzeler Sportec M5’s when she goes back on the road.
Metzeler don’t seem to have these tyres in these sizes so I suppose that I need alternatives.
An anyone who has bought new boots in the last
year let me know what they went with and whether they are still pleased with their choices?

I have 150 3d storms avon av66 on rear . I think its great but just my opinion

I’ve just fitted Dunlop Roadsmart 3 110/80-18 and 150/70-17 on my FF, they are absolutely superb after 20 year old Michelin Macadam 50s!!

I hadn’t considered Dunlops, that’s interesting. Are they competitively priced compared to Pirelli’s and Michelins?

Thanks another brand that wasn’t on my radar particularly. Definitely need to check Avon’s out too then. Thanks

The Dunlops were not cheap at £240 per pair (fitted to loose rims) which is about the same as Michelin Pilot Roads, but I used RS3’s on my Tiger 1050 and they are the mutts nuts so when I fouund I could use them on the VF I thought “yes please”. :grinning::grinning: I use Avon Roadriders on my other classics but the RS3 is a great tyre. Hope this helps :wink:

Hi. Avon av65 and av66 storm 3D XM 110/80x18 and 150/70x17 are about 150 a pair from MandP. Bloody good tyre for grip and longevity.

hi, my boldor is currently on the same as frew’s, Avon Storm 3D XM in 110x80x18 and 150x70x17, plenty of grip, done just over 6000 miles on this set, they are getting ready for changing now though, I am perfectly happy with how they have performed, but, I may look at the road smarts this time, just for a change.

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